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Mint Pea Dip

Mint Pea Dip

My mint pea dip is inspired from Sarah Britton of My New Roots. I discovered this recipe in Sarah’s latest book ‘Naturally Nourished‘. Sarah Britton is one of my food inspirations since her food philosophy is about creating nourishing and wholesome recipes that are made from plant-based food. Through her blog and cookery books, Sarah demonstrates how healthy eating can be really simple and that you can discover a¬†whole world of new delicious flavours.

Since peas are currently in season, I have been able to buy plenty at my local farmer’s market. After getting too enthusiastic and accidentally buying too many peas, I decided to try making a dip with the surplus.

This mint pea dip is simply delicious and perfect for a summer dip. Fresh mint complimented by the zesty lemon makes the taste so light and refreshing. The addition of the tahini provides a creamy texture and rich nutty flavour to contrast with the lemon and mint tones.

You can find the original recipe on Sarah’s blog here. In the original recipe, Sarah blanches the peas to bring out their flavour. Instead, I decided to steam the peas in a steamer until they were edible and soft enough to quickly process in the food processor.

Mint Pea Dip

makes 1 bowl


  • 500g fresh peas (shelled)
  • 5g fresh mint leaves
  • 3 tablespoons of tahini
  • juice of 2 lemons


Firstly, shell the peas from their pods. Rinse the peas in a colander then transfer into a steamer. Boil a saucepan of water then place the steamer on top of the saucepan. Steam the peas for about 5 minutes until tender. Transfer the peas into a bowl and leave to cool.

Roughly chop the mint leaves. Set aside.

Transfer the peas to the food processor and add the chopped mint leaves, tahini and lemon juice. Puree the mixture until smooth.

Enjoy as a delicious dip with some carrot and cucumber sticks or spread on a slice of rye toast.




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