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Maya Mango and Banana Smoothie Bowl

Maya Mango and Banana Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl is my ideal way to start the day through the summer months, topped with fresh berries, pumpkin seeds and goji berries. Smoothie bowls are a great opportunity to be creative with breakfast and personalise your perfect smoothie. Simply prepare a smoothie, pour it into a bowl (rather than a glass) and add your own choices of toppings. You can include anything from fresh berries, seeds, nuts, fresh fruit or granola. The combinations you can create are endless!

Transforming a smoothie from a drink into a nourishing breakfast that I can enjoy with a spoon, helps to suppress my hunger cravings for elevensies. Adding healthy proteins and fats (such as nuts and seeds) can help to satisfy you for longer and the act of chewing certainly encourages you to savour and enjoy your breakfast.

A faithful lover of mangoes, I recently discovered the maya mango in my local Sainsburys. The maya mango has a deep yellow peel with a red blush and is smaller in size compared to other mangoes. During peeling, a vivid orange flesh is revealed underneath. I find that the maya mango has a sweeter and more pungent taste than the more common varieties that you can usually find.

Grown in Israel and Gambia, maya mangoes are only available to buy in the UK from June – August. The limited availability means that they feel even more special to eat during the summer season.

Maya Mango and Banana Smoothie Bowl

serves 2


  • 2 maya mangoes
  • 4 medium bananas
  • 2 tablespoons of organic natural yogurt

Topping (but feel free to create your own):

  • a handful of raspberries
  • a handful of blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of goji berries


Peel the mangoes and chop the flesh into small pieces, whilst discarding the stones. Likewise, peel the bananas and break into chunks.

Place all the fruit into a blender with the yogurt and blend until smooth.

Pour the smoothie into two bowls and add your own choice of toppings such as my nutty crunch granola.

Maya mango banana smoothie bowl


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