Creating delicious and nourishing plant-based food


About me

Living in a small village in Somerset, I love spending time in my kitchen preparing meals to share with friends and family. I enjoy experimenting with food and discovering new natural ingredients and flavours. I decided to start this blog in order to share my recipe ideas and my love for nourishing and healthy food. When I’m not in the kitchen, I like to keep active, running and walking in the countryside around my home.

Jenny x



Food Philosophy

​My food philosophy is about using natural ingredients including good fats, whole grains, beans, pulses and fresh fruit and vegetables. My recipes revolve around my plant-based diet so many will suit vegetarian and vegan diets. If a recipe does include fish, eggs or diary, please feel free to use alternatives that suit your own diet. I also try to limit the amount of refined sugars in my food and experiment with unrefined alternatives like maple syrup.

I don’t believe that food should be about depriving yourself by following restrictive rules. One of the most important things about eating is variety and getting nourishment from a wide range of food. I have discovered that eating nutritious food provides me with more energy and improves my mood.

Food is about a finding a healthy balance and discovering what you enjoy. I hope to show how healthy food can be full of flavour, affordable and simple to make and provide you with nourishment and energy.

Thank you for visiting My Somerset Kitchen. I hope you enjoy reading my recipes and creating them in your own kitchens! x

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